To All Our Loyal Readers;

J and J Advertising, Inc. would like to thank everyone who has been a big part of our publishing products—ann arbor area BUSINESS MONTHLY and Our House Magazine.

It is with mixed feelings that after 33 years we are closing our business. Unfortunately the Internet which has been great for many facets of running a business has not been kind to a publishing business so we decided it is time to just stop. Printing prices and increasing postage just got the better of us and when we tried to publish online there was not the advertising revenue we had hoped for.

Thank you to all of the wonderful people and businesses we have had the pleasure of working with for those 33 years—there are too many to name! There are many fond memories of starting the business publication back in 1985 and Our House in 2006.

We will keep the websites up and running for a bit yet in case anyone wants to look up back issues. And you can still reach us by email—

Jim and Jan Taylor